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Strategic Marketing-Plan Meeting  

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Are you currently feeling the chaos?
Feeling the loss of control over your business, and life in general?
Does this pandemic cast doubt over your family’s future plans?

Wish to reclaim business control - in ONE meeting

Wish to set an immediate success action plan!

During this unique
Strategic Marketing-Plan Meeting

You will gain:

*Business clarity

*Identify your special spearhead 
the right product for the right customer during this period

*Receive an immediate action plan for your business growth! 

Valued at $355.00 USD

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Book Strategic Marketing-Plan Meeting

Trusted by countless entrepreneurs 

In one session - We will recognize your uniqueness! We will identify your business's spearhead and the opportunities the pandemic brought to you. And how to use these opportunities to start making money, right away.

"I would like to recommend Gilad Segev ..... In this meeting we built the right mix of products for my business, the marketing strategy for my business and how to bring it to sales ... Gilad brought out of the box techniques ...."

Harel Shiff,

Nutrition and sports consultant

"As someone who took a Strategic Marketing-Plan meeting with Gilad, I can testify For his ability to see the big picture, to break it down into milestones And come up with particularly creative ideas.

Highly recommend meeting with him at least once, because it's a shame to miss. "

Dafna Nave,

Family Economics Consultant

"Highly recommend the Strategic Marketing-Plan Meeting with Gilad. He is very creative, knows how to look at the overall picture.
He helped me think of new audiences, And find ideas for maximizing quick income."

Tal Prigrichet,

Mentoring and empowering men for relationships

As a business owner you face frequent reality changes.

And certainly during this period when the world is changing and no one knows where to.

Are you going to sleep with a feeling of losing control over your business and your life?

Is your guts aching from the sense of chaos and a lack of understanding of where the world is going?

Just like all have learned to use the zoom. Just like companies have learned that it is possible to downsize offices and send staff to work from home.

So have your customers changed their ways!

Yes, I want to boost my business NOW -including the GUARANTEE


Here is a small example?

A client of mine supply's sandwiches to office buildings

For years most of his income comes from such 3 or 4 buildings

but suddenly these offices are empty,

People where sent to work from home.


Now he has learned that this change is not just for the pandemic period, they have literally reduced office space!

That means the amount of customers in these office buildings will never be the same again – never!!

So this is one example, but it's the same for your business because it's the same for everyone!

All over the world!

So what can you do?

You must gain an outside perspective over your business and your product portfolio!

Be creative and adopt your capabilities and products to the new world.

The Strategic Marketing-Plan meeting

A single 90 minute session

From which one emerges with clarity!.

With identification of the right product for your ideal customer!.

And with an immediate action plan for sales increase.

All in one session!

In one session, we will start by understanding the difficulties your business is facing and What can be done to deal with these difficulties.
We will recognize your uniqueness!

We will identify your right spearhead
as appropriate for this specific period.
And the opportunities that the pandemic has brought to you.
And yes, how to use these opportunities to start making money, right away.

We will define the backbone of your marketing plan

An immediate action plan for getting the right customers for you.A plan that will show you how to generate revenue from your spearhead product or service in immediately.

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Strategic Marketing-Plan Meeting

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Gilad Segev - The Collaboration Man 

Gilad Segev is a leading expert in creating collaborations that generate income, with over 25 years of diverse managerial experience.

For over 15 years, he has been consulting SMBs for their international marketing expansions, while mentoring self-employed entrepreneurs for success. He has vast experience in bringing organizations to collaborate, from large multinationals to small one-person micro businesses. 

Gilad holds an MBA, and is also an attorney, an authorized arbitrator and mediator. A Skipper and a volunteer rescue diver. He has served in managerial positions and as a board member of companies at different industries. 

That unique experience provides him with a rare organizational point of view, helping his clients identify and define problems, and tailor creative solutions.

Clients Impact and Results 

These are some of my clients I have worked with personally and have helped them boost their business in just one Strategic Marketing-Plan meeting .

Yes, I want to boost my business NOW -including the GUARANTEE

What World Leading Entrepreneurs Are Saying About

Kane Minkus

(From Kane & Alessia) – 3X Bestselling Author, Founder of Industry Rockstar, Serial Entrepreneur & International Speaker

“Collaborations are one of the most significant strategies a company can use to grow and make a bigger impact in the world. We have used them continuously for over 2 decades at our 7 and 8 figure companies. Gilad can help you get the strategies and mindset you need to get on top of the collaborations you need to grow!”

Kevin Harrington

Original Shark on ABC’s SharkTank, Bestselling Author, Known as the $6 Billion Man, Inventor of the Infomercial As Seen On TV

“Partnerships and collaborations are vital tools for any business of any size. In this book, Gilad provides the most essential step by step practical guide for setting a WIN/WIN relationship between two small businesses, leading them in the business path for growth.”

Kevin Paetz

Serial Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Global Strategist and Advisor to CEOs

“In a business world that generates more and more complexity daily, it’s great to have a guide that can make sense of it all. It’s refreshing to know that even today, there are some proven and time tested strategies that can cut through the clutter to short‐cut your route to success. Gilad’s book has provided clear and easy to understand guidance on one of the most powerful strategies in business. This book is filled with many profound insights, and if you want accelerate your progress, you will learn to master the art of collaboration. Start here.”

What exactly is the "spearhead product" you are talking about?

Within your product catalog and your capabilities, hides a product or a service that can attract the right customers for your business during this period.

When we identify this product and turn it into your spearhead it would take your entire business towards success.

Why do I need a marketing plan? I need customers, urgent!

The main reason that causes businesses to crash is not the pandemic, rather it is the lack of a strategic plan.

The goal of a strategic plan is to allow you to plan ahead, while achieving your goals in a reasonable amount of time and with a minimum of wasted money on false trial and error attempts.

And what else will you sell to me at that meeting? 

A Strategic Marketing Plan meeting is an independent unit.

There is no intention to sell you anything during that session.

Yes I may share with you the mentoring process I use when mentor selected businesses.

I only get one or two new businesses a month and in total no more than seven.

What happens next?

The Strategic Marketing Plan meeting is built as an independent unit.


YOU will come out of that meeting with the clarity of what the pandemic means to you and your customers.

YOU will come out with a spearhead product with which you can run forward on your own.

YOU will come out with a backbone of a marketing plan and clarity what are your upcoming steps. That of course you can develop and perfect on your own later on.

Wait, all this during a single Session?

Yes! exactly!

You bring your vast experience, I bring my experience, and that connection will produce pearls.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is business guidance aimed at goals and achievements.

The main purpose of mentoring is to benefit from the experience of a veteran in the industry, save a lot of time that is usually wasted / invested over trial and error attempts, and of course save a lot of money.

What if you cannot help me?

I guarantee 100% warranty,

If you paid in advance when making an appointment but during the meeting we did not identify your spearhead, or we were unable to formulate a backbone for a marketing plan for you.

You will get back the full payment!!


The only one that guarantees you accurate advice or a full refund!!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Book The Unique Strategic
Marketing-Plan Meeting 
<< NOW >> 

For only $198 and SAVE $157

Guarantee Included